Academic Policies and Procedures


Students currently enrolled in a program offered by the College for Financial Planning® – a Kaplan Company can view academic policies in our College Catalog. Below you will also find information on important academic forms you may need as a student of the College.

When you enroll in the College for Financial Planning® – a Kaplan Company’s programs or courses you expressly agree to comply with the operational policies and procedures stated or referenced herein, and with any changes adopted during your term of enrollment. You are expected to notify the College promptly of changes in your address, email, employer, or telephone number.

The College reserves the right to change or amend policies and procedures, testing administration, graduation requirements, and course content and materials, as well as cancel a course, subject to accreditor guidelines. Students will be provided with 30 days’ notice if affected by changes to tuition and other fees. Through its academic disciplinary process, the College maintains the right to suspend or dismiss any individual who does not comply with the policies and procedures and/or Student Code of Conduct.

Student Code of Conduct

Upon enrollment in any of the College’s courses or programs or upon the purchase of any product, you agree to the following:

  • You will conduct yourself ethically, honestly, and with integrity as a responsible member of the College’s academic community. This requires the demonstration of mutual respect and civility in academic and professional discourse.
  • You will perform independently on any examination or assignment.
  • You understand that any duplication or printing of test material is considered a violation of the Examination Procedures and may result in dismissal from the course or program.
  • You will stay apprised of all College, program, and course announcements and deadlines.
  • You will act with competence, exercise due diligence, and use prudent professional judgment in all your professional activities.
  • You will only claim completion of a program or course, or of earning a designation, after the College has formally notified you of such completion.

Failure to abide by these expectations may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the College and/or denying your right to use the College’s designation(s).


Extenuating Circumstances Petition (student request)

The extenuating circumstances petition is a formal request for an exception to or waiver of College policy or procedure. Extenuating circumstances are verified cases of illness, accident, or other circumstances beyond your control. If this petition is submitted, it must be accompanied by legible documentation supporting the circumstances you have experienced. All documentation supporting this petition will be held in strict confidence.


The student requesting a nonacademic appeal must:

  1. Complete an Extenuating Circumstances Petition in full
  2. Include supporting documentation that:
    1. Clearly shows the extenuating circumstances experienced
    2. Falls within the timeframe of the specific enrollment being referenced in the petition
  3. Submit form and documentation via fax to 303-220-1810 or email

Extenuating Circumstances Petitions submitted without documentation showing the extenuating circumstances the student experienced will be considered incomplete. Incomplete requests will be held for seven (7) calendar days pending receipt of supporting documentation. After 7 days the petition will be dismissed due to insufficient information and you will need to begin the process again by submitting a new petition (the previous form will not be accepted or utilized for the second request).

Cancellation and withdrawal refund dates are widely publicized. Therefore, petitions based on lack of awareness of dates will not be reviewed. In addition, requests will not be considered if:

  1. Your circumstances did not take place during an active enrollment in a course and/or program
  2. You received a final grade or an Incomplete for the course

Time Limitations

Extenuating Circumstances Petitions must be submitted within 1 calendar year (365 days) from the last date of enrollment (date of access) for the course, program, or review in reference.

Example: Student’s late date of access for PFPL560 is December 16, 2021. The last date to submit an appeal is December 15, 2022.

Grade Appeals

An academic grade appeal is a formal request for a change in a decision made related to course grades or a grading policy.

Step 1: A student who wishes to appeal a grade or other academic decision must first contact the course instructor within 30 calendar days of the grade being posted to review discrepancies.

If the student is appealing a grade they believe is unfair, a departure from the established grading policy, or a clear mistake by the College, the student should provide the instructor with a clear explanation of why. Students are encouraged to review the course’s grading rubrics and late policies (if applicable) first, as these will often resolve confusion over how the grade was calculated.

Step 2: If the student and instructor are unable to resolve the issue, the student may then submit an appeal, in writing, to the Provost. The appeal must provide substantiating reason for carrying the appeal forward and include suggested resolutions and documentation of the situation.

The Provost, or designee, will review and provide a decision, typically within 2 weeks of the original submission of the appeal and documentation. The decision of the Provost will be communicated in writing and is final.