College for Financial Planning®-a Kaplan Company Mission Statement

College for Financial Planning®
a Kaplan Company Mission Statement

Be the education provider of choice for working adults in the financial services industry by enabling student learning through advanced education programs and quality support services.

Institutional Learning Objectives

The College for Financial Planning is deeply committed to preparing students to be the best financial planners in the business.  When our students graduate, they should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate expertise in topics associated with corporate finance or personal financial planning.
  2. Apply quantitative skills to problem solving in the context of corporate finance or personal financial planning.
  3. Display information literacy by identifying and properly using relevant sources of information.
  4. Employ ethical, regulatory, and legal guidelines when making financial decisions and recommendations.
  5. Engage in the process of academic discovery in relation to financial topics.

Academic Affairs Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower our diverse stakeholders to strategically develop and deliver premier, student-centered education and cutting-edge research, in order to advance the field of financial planning and enable our students to make a difference in their clients’ lives.

Academic Affairs Vision

Our vision is to build a leading community of educators and learners committed to excellence in the financial services profession.

Academic Affairs Values

  • We make great education opportunities
  • We develop programs and governance
  • We teach
  • We research
  • We assess and review
  • We continuously improve our processes
  • We serve our communities both inside and out
  • We establish learning journeys
  • We mentor our students
  • We celebrate our successes