College for Financial Planning®-a Kaplan Company Mission Statement


College for Financial Planning®—a Kaplan Company Mission

The College for Financial Planning® is dedicated to excellence in all of our programs and actions. Learn more about our mission and how our Office of Academic Affairs works to achieve our overall mission.

Mission Statement

Be the education provider of choice for working adults in the financial services industry by enabling student learning through advanced education programs and quality support services.

Institutional Learning Objectives

The College for Financial Planning is deeply committed to preparing students to be the best financial planners in the business. When our students graduate, they should be able to:

  1. Advise clients in topics associated with finance or personal financial planning.
  2. Assess and articulate problems in finance or financial planning using quantitative skills.
  3. Assemble relevant sources of information to inform financial guidance and advice.
  4. Investigate ethical, social, regulatory, and legal guidelines when making financial decisions and recommendations.
  5. Explain the foundations of financial topics through academic discovery.

The Office of Academic Affairs

More than 50 years ago, our founders created the College for Financial Planning® with the belief that this industry was about more than selling products—it was about advancing people’s comprehensive financial future, security, and well-being. It is the role of the Office of Academic Affairs to build upon that history to further our mission today and into the future. To that end, Academic Affairs supports faculty, students, and staff in all aspects of teaching, research, curriculum development, and service, overseeing the development, implementation, and evaluation of all academic programs and policies at the College.

We empower our diverse stakeholders to strategically develop and deliver premier student-centered education and cutting-edge research in order to advance the field of financial planning and enable our students to make a difference in their clients’ lives.

Our vision is to build a leading community of educators and learners committed to excellence in the financial services profession.

We pursue our mission guided by our shared values:

  • Student Focus. Our students’ success is our priority, and drives our decision-making.  This is reflected in the intentional way in which we communicate with our students; interactions with our students; our consideration of student feedback and scholarly research in the design of our programs, courses, and materials; and the policies we employ to secure students’ rights. 
  • Excellence.  We are committed to providing quality education and service to all our stakeholders.  We strive to identify and implement content and educational delivery methods recognized in the industry as the gold standard for financial services education. 
  • Respect.  We create an inclusive environment that builds trust by recognizing the value and contributions of every individual.  We honor the academic freedom of our faculty.   
  • Integrity.  We expect our faculty and staff, students, clients, and partners to act ethically. In all we do, we model and teach the highest ethical standards in academia and industry, and ensure our students can carry those standards with them into their professional lives. 
  • Innovation.  We respond to the changing needs and demands of our community through innovative programming and teaching. We listen to and anticipate the needs of faculty and students in academia and professionals in the financial planning industry, and adapt our programs, courses, and strategies to meet students’, clients’, and prospective employers’ needs.  
  • Research.  We enrich our programs and disciplines through meaningful research, and cultivate a scholarly environment in which we and our students can flourish academically and professionally.  We share our research with the academic community and beyond, presenting and publishing to ensure the flourishing and awareness of our discipline.
  • Passion.  We are passionate about our students, colleagues, community, and industry, and know the work we do is meaningful and makes a difference.

To remain innovative, nimble, and responsive in order to continue to serve our students and all our stakeholders, Academic Affairs developed a 5-year strategic plan for 2022-2027. You can view the full strategic plan here.