Academic Advising


The Academic Advisor is committed to the academic and professional development of students enrolled with the College for Financial Planning by delivering premier student-centered educational support.


It is the mission of the Academic Advisor to empower students in taking a proactive role in the advising process and to provide optimal service and purposeful engagement to facilitate a positive and successful student experience.

Academic Advisor Contact Information

Kema Sweatt


Office hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm ET

Advisor/Student Responsibilities

Your Academic Advisor can assist with:

  • Interpreting the College policies, procedures, and requirements.
  • Helping students integrate information so they can make well-informed academic decisions.
  • Addressing any academic questions and concerns.
  • Guiding program-applicable course selections.
  • Advising of available student resources.
  • Communicating program and curriculum changes.
  • Provide assistance with accessing course via the college’s learning management system (LMS).
  • Addressing technical issues with the LMS and student portal.
  • Adhering to the highest principles of ethical behavior and maintain confidentiality

Students are expected to:

  • Accept responsibility for the decisions you make. Be knowledgeable about college policies and degree requirements detailed in the Academic Catalog.
  • Drop or withdraw from courses only after conferring with your advisor.
  • Know important dates and deadlines (registration, drop/add, assignment due dates, etc.) as listed in the Academic Catalog and the LMS.
  • Contact the Advisor first, if you are concerned about any aspect of your college experience (contact your instructor first for course or assignment-related issues).
  • Assume a proactive role in academic program planning.
  • Check your email on a regular basis as the college and your advisor will use this form of communication to disseminate information.

Advising FAQs

What does my advisor do?

Your advisor will help you with course selection, dropping or withdrawing from a course if necessary, planning academic goals, degree planning, and keeping track of your progress toward graduation. Your advisor can also help you with technical issues with the student portal and LMS, with questions about college resources ( i.e. library, mentor assistance).

What do I do if I need to cancel or withdraw from a course?

First you should talk to your advisor and the course instructor to make sure that dropping or withdrawing is the right thing for you. Pay attention to the deadline for dropping a course. A request to cancel a course must be made in writing using the Withdrawal Request form submitted to the enrollment department by email ( or fax (303-220-1810).

What’s the difference between canceling a course and withdrawing from it?

If you cancel a course, it’s like you never took it at all, as there is no transcript notation.

How do I enroll in a term-based Master’s course?

You can enroll in a course by contacting our Wealth Management Team at

800-237-9990 option 3. Registration is generally available 5 weeks prior to the start

of a term.

Please take some time to review the College’s Academic Catalog, which details the College policies.